The Angled Bob That is Perfect for all Face Shapes

The Angled Bob That is Perfect for all Face Shapes

If you want to increase your sex appeal for 100%, you need an angled bob. It can achieve this effect on any woman. This hairstyle accentuates the right features and expertly frames the face. You can even have this hairstyle if your hair is so fine. Simply said, all women can have it.

Angled bob with wide side-swept fringe looks very classic. It is asymmetrical look. It is easy to style it. All you need to do is to follow these steps.
1.    Condition and clean your hair. It must be dry. You should dry it using a comb attachment for a blow dryer.
2.    Use a 2-3 inch flat-iron in order to flatter your hair completely straight. You should set the flat-iron at 400-450 degrees. Before flat-ironing you should apply lotion, cream or heat protector spray.
3.    Part your hair on an angle.
4.    Comb (a large part) your hair to the front. Cover half of your eye and forehead. Then comb your hair to the side. This will create a side-swept fringe.
5.    You must bump the ends of your hair with the flat-iron. Just curve it inwards and release the ends of your hair.
6.    Sweep the bangs to one side. Use a comb to do this. 
7.    Spray it with a finishing spray to complete your new look.
8.    Apply 2 (pre-burned) clip-on hair extensions to the one side. Apply it to the side where you want the most length. Extensions should be 2-3 inches longer. 
The recommended flat-iron is Babybliss ceramic 1-3 Inch. This hairstyle looks amazing on all women. 


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